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  1. So the way we've designed this to do this is to take the monthly report and then just add it as a journal entry

    Basically there are two journal entries

    - Invoices raised, and payments in, then balanced against customer balances (Accounts repayable) and amounts outstanding (accounts receivable)

    - Deferred revenue vs recognised revenue

    We don't have automation for posting that to Xero or Quickbooks yet but what most people do is just take that manual journal and post it once a month

    Alternatively you could post every single invoice (and the get invoice from the reports - invoices). But to do that you're basically doing cash accounting, rather than accrual accounting. Does that make sense?

    We'll put some guides and examples together on this soon

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  2. That error occurs if there is a block against the IP accessing it. We have firewalls that block based on different activity based on certain timeframes. It's pretty rare for a block to happen to an actual user. If you message us your IP address when this occurs we can check the logs  - but all our blocks are typically temporary for a few minutes at most anyway

  3. Yes you can set grace period and termination dates for domains under each TLD. It's a bit clunky still to be honest because it can't be set in bulk yet.

    We don't yet support redemptions, so we would just suggest marking it closed/terminated on grace period end, and if a customer wants redemption you charge them the reactivation fee.

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  4. Hi Steve,


    Not yet but great idea -- would you want it totally externally?


    You can add custom content to the product dashboard.


    Our plan is to make order flows that let you specify what happens during and after ordering


    For example that would also allow you to then create custom onboarding pages after the order completes

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  5. We have to prioritise the things we work on. In India we support Stripe and RazorPay. We will be adding more in future but the Indian government frequently changes rules - since we developed the Stripe and RazorPay integrations rule changes from the Indian government meant we had to then rewrite the Stripe integration and now the RazorPay integration is hard to use for new customers. We are developing the payment system so that others can develop payment gateways.

  6. I think I understand that you would want to sell essentially a bundle of cPanel accounts for a specific price. So they would be 20 x separate services in Upmind, but billed as one?

    This isn't supported yet but in principle we have the foundations for it so offer it in future -- it would be a 'product bundle'



  7. That sounds like you want to offer reseller accounts directly to your clients. It isn't possible to split up reseller accounts within a reseller account (this concept is called 'master resellers)


    To do that you would need to take your own server and run cPanel yourself. You can then offer reseller accounts directly and limit the number of cPanel accounts per reseller.

  8. Hi Pradeep - I'll upload the certifications here shortly (we're in progress for SOC-2, ISO27001 also) but for RazorPay (and in almost all cases) we send users offsite and never touch or store card data so we wouldn't be in scope for PCI-DSS. Even our direct 'card' implementations are using embedded javascript from the providers, rather than running through our systems

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  9. Hi Pradeep

    It would be possible but you'd need some middleware to intercept the webook and then to filter it on. I imagine you could either do that with custom code, or with something like Zapier.

  10. Stripe JS is now possible

    This now uses Stripe's own implementation and you can use their other payment methods such as PayPal through Stripe etc

    This solves among other things the recent change in Indian central bank payment requirements

    We don't yet have webhooks supported (it's a little bit more challenging because we don't want to allow duplicate payments).


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