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Is There Anyway To Revert An Invoice Cancelled By 'Auto Cancel Unpaid Initial Invoices' Option?




I had a quick search but cannot see an answer for the problem I'm having.

Unfortunately, I didn't spot the 'Auto Cancel Unpaid Initial Invoices' option in the settings. As a result, it's gone ahead and cancelled an invoice attached to an order on which the customer was slow in making a payment. So far as I can tell, the system doesn't allow me cancel or remove the credit note which was auto-generated and which has effectively cancelled the invoice? It also says that the order still requires payment but doesn't seem to allow me to generate a new invoice for the order, so I cannot make a payment against it. 

Is the only course of action to cancel the whole order and create a new one with a new invoice, or is there some other, less messy way around it?

Also, an additional related question. If I set the 'Auto Cancel Unpaid Initial Invoices' setting to 0 does that disable it? At the moment I have it set to 100000000 to avoid it happening again.


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Hi there,

If an invoice was automatically canceled due to non-payment. You can:

  1. Place new order
  2. Click 'Reactivate Service'

But this won't work for new orders. Setting it to 0 as a way to disable the automatic cancellation of invoices. So, if this setting is configured as 0, the system should no longer automatically cancel unpaid initial invoices

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Hi Isma,

Thanks for the clarification on how to disable the automatic cancellation of invoices, I've set that in my system now, so hopefully it won't happen again.

As for the invoice issue, I guess that's going to generate a new invoice though unfortunately. The problem with that, is the client has already received the previous invoice and made a payment against it, so I can't really send them another one. I'm not an accounting expert so I'll have a Google to see if there's an accounting practice which handles such a scenario, otherwise I'll have to fudge it, keep notes and hope for the best!

One thing that I did find from having a Google around was that it appears voiding a credit note is a valid thing within accounting as Sage and Xero seem to allow for it. Obviously Upmind isn't strictly accounting software so undoubtedly has other priorities. However, with the accounting aspect underpinning the system somewhat, perhaps one day it might allow for the voiding of a raised credit note, which in turn could change the invoice's status from cancelled to unpaid again, or something like that!

Thanks again for your assistance!

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Hi Codent

If they have made a payment (manually I guess?) then you can add that as a payment in the system - under billing -> account credits -> top up, and then you can allocate it against the raised invoice.

We wouldn't void the credit note / mark the invoice as unpaid again, but the payment can just be allocated against the new invoice.




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