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Import existing Stripe customers and their subscriptions?


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Hi there,

Ws currently use MemberPress for our client subscriptions with the actual subscriptions being 'owned' in our Stripe account as Stripe product subscriptions.

We are looking for a simpler subscription and client software option than MemberPress.  Is it possible to import not only existing customers into Thrive, but their associated Stripe subscriptions so users do not have subscriptions interrupted or are forced to re-sign up with upmind?

Also does upmind allow both admins and end users to easily change Stripe subscription plans with prorate without us having to go into Stripe manually?

Lastly, does upmind allow users who sign up in the middle of the month to be prorated and have their subscriptions start on the 1st, ie. like this Renewal Sync feature in WC Subscriptions: https://woocommerce.com/document/subscriptions/renewal-synchronisation/

Thank you for any clarifications.

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Hi - so two areas here really

First, the way we work with Stripe (and I think the only sensible way for us to do it) is that we handle all the subscription 'logic'. And we keep a Stripe token which we charge against. So in terms of handling Stripe subscription login, Upmind wouldn't touch it -- as the logic is all in Upmind. That's needed because for example you can upgrade/downgrade, pro rata refund, pay with different methods -- like orders of magnitude more complex and varied than a simple subscription

Second, in terms of importing Stripe payment data you can add a manual token. So in theory you could create the subscription in Upmind, match the due dates, and then just add the payment method into Upmind using the token. I can't see a reason why that wouldn't work.


On pro rata -- that's been requested already and we'll add it in future.

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