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Found 4 results

  1. Hello Team, We have a feature in WHMCS, where the client is billed according to the usage, i.e. disk space, bandwidth, MySQL databases, Addon Domains, etc. More details here: https://docs.whmcs.com/Usage_Billing It would be good to have this feature in Upmind as well!
  2. Hi. Today was generated the first batch of consolidated invoices since I set up this feature. The invoices look fine and everything is working as expected. The only issue I had is with a client who has invoice consolidation the first of the month. But they were generated today with may 31st date and not June 1st as per the setting. Is the process running UTC time or something like that? Would it be a way to have them generated in the specified dates? I assume the issue would also happen with the "last of the month" setting. In the meanwhile I set those cliente to monthly on the 2nd of the month so it can be generated on the 1st.
  3. The consolidation feature is awesome. I like how deeply integrated it is and the granularity of controls. The only doubt I'm having about the consolidation options. Does every consolidation mode (daily, first of the month, last of the month, etc) consider the billing address to group services or is it only some of the options? Thanks!
  4. Hello, I would like to suggest a feature here, we would be able to sell AWS, Google Cloud and Azure Services to our customers, and charge them accordingly for it. This is will be a postpaid billing system based on the usage of the customer. Here we can set up the services/category that we would like to sell to our customers. It can have two ways, where a. We enter the price per product (Normal Way) b. We set a margin per product (if Cloud platform charges, $100 a month, we can add 10% as a margin for that category/product and the price will be set to $110.) The price change here will be dynamic according to the services used by the client. WHMCS Modules for it: 1. AWS Billing: https://www.modulesgarden.com/aws-billing-whmcs 2. Google Cloud Billing: https://www.modulesgarden.com/google-cloud-billing-whmcs 3. Azure Billing: https://www.modulesgarden.com/microsoft-azure-billing-whmcs
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