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  1. This would be a good feature!
  2. Heisann - Or Hello for you non Norwegian speaking, YEPP... I am Norwegian and CEO by day. Super Hero by night. I am on a mission to bring more diverse, accessible, and inspiring websites to the world. In my day to day I run a quite profitable and independent hosting company here in Norway. When i charge my batteries I love to take an walk around Haraldshaugen in Haugesund, Norway a beautiful and iconic monument that the Norwegian Kingdom was built upon. If I am not walking around Haraldshaugen or helping customer to get their ideas online you might find me wandering the streets of Haugesund, enjoying the sunset, or volunteering for the District Court, an initiative that leverages private resources in the support and revitalization of the city’s needs. What Drew You To Hosting/ Cloud Solutions and web consulting? To me, life is all about relationships, consulting totally embodies that. I was drawn to it. I love winning, pressure, improving on self and the energy and excitement. It was a natural progression and made perfect sense to me. What Type Of Aquatic Animal Would You Be? Alright, I agree it sounds funny, but I have to say a Beaver! Beavers are builders, I believe in building on my dreams and making them a reality. Sometimes it might seem impossible, but as they say “Busy as a Beaver” and nothing is impossible.
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