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  1. Hi, We group invoices for consolidation based on 3 criteria: same company, same address, same currency. All three used for all type of consolidation we offer - every day, day of week, day of month. Best, Boris
  2. Hi, Here is link to our documentation and you can check get token API. https://demoapi.upmind.io/doc/#api-Tokens-PostOauthAccess_token As you can see there - brand_id is not required at all. You can get whole information for your current logged object from /self call (https://demoapi.upmind.io/doc/#api-Me-GetSelf) - here you have all information you need for your client/user/guest Best, Boris
  3. Hi, I just disable offline payment method and now you can delete it if you decide. Best,
  4. Thank you Steve for the good idea - we will think how we can implement something to allow clients to reset theirs brand data.
  5. Hi, I am Boris from Bulgaria. I have been passionate about many BE technologies for the past 20 years. When I am not in front of my laptop I love spending time with my family. I enjoy watching something new on Netflix, making BBQ or playing with my daughter in our garden. I am a cat lover 😛
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