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  1. Then it says from £0.00 which is confusing
  2. Can two provisions run simultaneously now as a single product?
  3. Any idea when we’ll see BCC or any integration with Mailchimp?
  4. There’s no ETA on anything currently.
  5. Can we get Stripe identity integrated so that customers can retrieve their account if their email is lost,
  6. Would be good if we could handle dissipated within Upmind, I believe WHMCS does this for Stripe, it would be good if we had disputes rules I.e if a customer disputes a payment immediately suspend/terminate their services.
  7. Sadly not, that’s a static template that appears outside of the ticket submission form, these steps need to be included prior to even seeing the ticket submission form to ensure customers aren’t wasting support time with issues fixable from knowledge base
  8. My upmind randomly stops loading certain things like tickets, or invoices. The website will load and everything fine but tickets and invoices.
  9. Is all sorted, was some glitch with an invoice.
  10. Would be good if we could validate cards automatically with a 0.1p charge upon adding cards.
  11. I think a system where: on emails a link can be added that says “manage email preferences” and that’ll take the user to a page where they don’t have to log in, and there are three tick boxes: marketing, announcements, transactional - which the customer can choose what to receive. if the marketing option isn’t selected they won’t receive Bulk emails/actions etc, if the announcements isn’t selected the same(I believe you said you where adding an announcements method)? Etc but also, in the customer profile when they log in they should be able to update these preferences, but have quick access to them without logging in through the link on the email.
  12. The GDPR spec says they need to be able to unsubscribe without logging into an account, and should be able to choose whether they receive transactional emails and or update emails/marketing etc
  13. Is it possible as a temporary feature to roll out the ability to disable the ability to cancel a service completely so that the customer has to open a ticket to request cancellation and not via a automated process? can you guys roll this out asap as just a simple hide the drop-down for cancellation etc?
  14. Would be nice if we could have a global email header and footer so we can style the email further.
  15. https://fastsms.co.uk/prices
  16. Says organisation is suspended? can’t log into my upmind or my client area
  17. It would be good if we could have the ability to create a artificial software enforced tenancy limit. For example, some provision modules may not have the ability to count customers on a specific server. Whereas it would be useful if upmind could have customer balancing and server specific or provision specific customer limits.
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