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  1. After long research and coming back to my previous post. I do not suggest Versio anymore for domain reselling, the best option in the Netherlands is Oxxa.com. Working with it now with hostfact as tool, but when upmind will integrate Oxxa.com I am the first to go back to Upmind.
  2. @Seb We need for now to set Versio on hold. Got the following response. (In the meantime I will use SRS, please consider to change this integration with the iDeal integration for Stripe 🙂 ) Answer from VERSIO
  3. @Seb By the way don't forget to code the iDeal options of Mollie if they asking it separately as Stripe does. Hope you can add the iDeal option from Stripe soon, waiting patiently for that so I can start my business :).
  4. @Seb I have asked them, will keep you updated.
  5. At the moment it is not possible to give only selected clients an affiliate link / backend. For now the option is available for all clients or for none. Hope that there will be a update so we can give this option only for specific clients that we want. Gr, Pixel
  6. I know that marketing technically you don't want to distract the customers when they are ordering, but would love if the customer could go back to the official homepage if they wanted to. For example by clicking on the brand icon. The idea is to give us the option to add a custom url link to the brand icon.
  7. @Seb If I understand this right it's the same as loadbalancing right. So for example if you have added two resellers servers to Upmind and each server aloes for example 100 cPanel accounts. Upmind will automatically switch to the other server when the first server reaches 100 clients and back. Or am I wrong.
  8. @Harry L Here is the FAQ page for the reseller Reseller (xolphin.com)
  9. A couple of years ago I tried to make a start selling hosting packages, ssl et cetera. Connect everything via Hostfact.nl but there something private came along and I was not satisfied with the hostfact platform because it was outdated to me. Then I came across Upmind and now I want to start again :). About the vendor, they are well known and there support is was at that moment great. Contact them and get some more information.
  10. This one is also good. https://www.xolphin.com/
  11. I see in the documentation this categorie Exports (upmind.com) Maybe you are working on it. But would like to see a feature to export the invoices to a csv file so I can import it in my bookkeeping tool. Export csv. - Client or Businessname - Invoice date - Invoice Number - prompt, term of payment (how many days) - Item(s) - Price - Tax %
  12. Thanks Chris for the fast reply, will send you a dm with my problem, because not all of us have a brand icon in the logo :).
  13. 1. Would like to see the ability to change the family font to match the branding of our personal website. Example: Add a dropdown-list with all the google fonts in the branding settings. 2. The current logo height and with is set to width: 1em; height: 1em; so in this case the image will be 48px by 48px. Please give us the ability to change this.
  14. Could you consider to add Versio on your Roadmap after checking if it's possible. Because I am focusing on the Netherlands and it would be handy for us Dutchies. I am not promoting this, if someone has a better option I would like to hear it. For 9 euro a month you get a domainname reseller account with phone support. These are the domain prices Versio - Prijsoverzicht Reseller For 19 euro a month you get a wholesale reseller account with phone support. These are de domain prices Versio - Prijsoverzicht Groothandel This is the API Versio REST API documentation
  15. sorry, i didn't see the payment gateway forum. I can't delete / move this topic to https://upmind.com/community/forum/9-payment-gateways/ Maybe an admin can do that or just leave this request here.
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