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  1. Hello, Can you please add WISE gateway to the payment providers list. https://wise.com/help/articles/2958107/getting-started-with-the-api?origin=related-article-2958106 Thank you
  2. Same subject here https://upmind.com/community/topic/19-pterodactyl-module/#comment-588
  3. HETZNER CLOUD is very important for a hosting resellers
  4. Hello Jackie, Have you referred to this documentation to set up the payment gateway correctly : https://docs.upmind.com/docs/how-to-add-payment-gateways ?
  5. Hello Seb, I will not use the Free Tier Subscription because I need the white label Upmind and the open API. In the same context, I congratulate the entire Upmind team for the achievements made, in progress and in the future, and I am delighted to be the client of a project whose team is doing everything possible to make it successful. The Free Tier is a very good marketing technic in the present case.
  6. Thank you for adding this
  7. Thank you for adding this
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