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  1. You can do this through Google Tag Manager https://docs.upmind.com/docs/adding-custom-js-live-chat
  2. We will extend the in-app notifications (under settings->actions) to prompt a desktop notification. (f1218)
  3. We've got an issue for this - essentially a quick search through everything that's efficient and secure. We'll be using meilisearch which is roughly equivalent to elasticsearch/algolia (b1356)
  4. 1. Yes you can add your own SMTP credentials under settings -> notifications https://docs.upmind.com/docs/how-to-configure-mail#adding-a-custom-smtp-server For SPF, if you are using our system you can add include:spf.upmind.com to your SPF record. https://docs.upmind.com/docs/how-to-configure-mail#upmind-spf
  5. Yes you can see details here https://docs.upmind.com/docs/how-to-sell-20i-stackcp-hosting-with-upmind
  6. This is intentional because we're about to allow these to be filled in after ordering optionally So if the order is placed and paid, the client will be prompted for the epp code after the order. We've had many requests to reduce the fields needed before an order is placed.
  7. By default auto-renewal will be enabled on all orders. You can choose to allow clients to disable auto-renew on a per product basis.
  8. Have created an issue (b1351)
  9. I agree this would be amazing but honestly it's unlikely this will happen any time soon. There are many many great live chat plugins out there including many free and open source options. We will look at doing some integrations so that chat logs from those third parties are linked to clients etc - but the eventual aim of having a consistent interaction experience of live chat - ticket is some way away
  10. We have an issue for this (f881) which will be coming once we have a whole series of embeddable widgets for the frontend including plan cards etc.
  11. The cost can be done as part of the order process (if an admin) by editing either the product price, or by editing the initial basket price Description and custom fields on the product we will look to add.
  12. Hi Richard First go to list view on the product catalogue Then click 'edit' Then you can edit the details in a modal
  13. Hi Daniel In theory you can use it now -- you can examine the API request our frontend makes and simply copy the requests. We've also got documentation up at https://demoapi.upmind.io/doc/ It's by any standards a comprehensive and decent API, but what it's lacking is user-friendly explanatory documentation on our side, and the ability for you to generate API tokens. For now (unless you are a guest) you have to authenticate with an admin user/pass. We'll be working on the docs as well as an SDK in the future.
  14. Can you screenshot where you are adding? I'll see how it's done. You can DM me if you prefer.
  15. Your DNS provider will definitely let you add two -- just add two records
  16. You can do this under settings -> fraud prevention. You can block any countries you wish to there.
  17. You can achieve this through a client custom field.
  18. PayPal auto-payments already exist -- you just need to add PayPal through the rest api method. We'll be adding more options in future.
  19. Shouldn't be too long - it's quite high up on the list. We'll do whichever is more straightforward of Flutterwave or Razorpay first. Any other gateways that you would be interested in?
  20. Hi there - thanks for the feedback So the issue with Stripe and INR I think is that Stripe only allows fully incorporated businesses in India accept payments in currencies other than INR. So I think you want to switch your currency to INR? By default you can't change currency after creating your first invoice, but we can clear your brand for you and let you switch it. If you raise a ticket we'll handle this We've got some Indian gateways in the roadmap (e.g. Flutterwave / Razorpay) which I think are better suited for the Indian market.
  21. At the moment it would round robin - in other words, randomly select a server from the available pool - until you stop a server from accepting new accountsl
  22. This is exactly what we are intending. We're looking at doing this ourselves rather than relying on a third party like OnFido as the latter can be quite expensive and we want to keep costs as low as possible for endusers. The idea is that if a client is in 'review' status then they will be pushed through the KYC (Our internal ref: 820)
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