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  1. Hi Kishor We can help you debug - can you raise a ticket and we can help? Must be something we can help with. Thanks Seb
  2. Yes. It's probably our most requested integration at the moment
  3. Starting a thread to track structural changes need - Phrases that need to be split, e.g. where gender differs
  4. Ok so in advance of the template editing which is coming soon, we'll add something to all invoices that states the reverse charge text. Just checking with our accountants for guidance on the text to add
  5. We've not been able to recreate this - it sounds basically like a network error connecting to the API from a local connection. Can you get it repeatedly? Are you able to take a video and share it with us in a support ticket?
  6. At the moment the way to do this is a promotion that auto-applies for x period -- but that does have many limitations, so a specific 'free trial' option is a good idea.
  7. Will come to this when we spend the time neatening flows in a couple of weeks.
  8. This is where we invisage product bundles going. So a bundle would be a collection of products all of which could have independent provisioning.
  9. That would still need translating apart from the {actor} bit. As that is what would show in the logs in x language.
  10. Hi Ridoy - I can't find any reference to 'Stargate' online. What is the link to their site + APi docs? Resell.biz I think is using logicboxes, so may just work using the ResellerClub/NetEarthOne details. If you can open a ticket with us we can check and if so add it quite quickly.
  11. I will check with the devs who built this, but generally we top up credit and play with real domains 🙂
  12. The code is done and in final testing now.
  13. We've rolled out the needed domain polling feature - so we'll now get automatic updates on statuses like domain transfer in / domain transfer out / deletions for registrar that support it For now it's like on Nominet and will be rolling out on the other registrar shortly. We'll also add a 'sync all' feature for domains where we'll go through every domain you have with a registrar and sync due date / status.
  14. We've updated new default currencies and can now offer all of the following as default currencies. Any other currency can also be added as an additional currency If there is demand for other default currencies we can also add those
  15. Good to hear. We can certainly add them to the list for in-house development. It would be good to have sight of anything you have which you are able to share that shows the logic of what is needed (e.g. in smartermail, what is being provisioned, what are the configuration options etc.) We're exploring ways we could get some external developers up to speed on the provisioning so that they could be commissioned (by us, or by others) to write modules. We've got a bit more to do on the open source provisioning system - partly with a very basic framework that aids development so the provisioning commands can be easily tested - but when that's shortly done it'll be quite straightforward for anyone to jump in and write integrations and test them.
  16. I am not sure this is going to be something we can support easily as it would add a lot of overhead. However, we will have the ability to change things like default imagery when we do things like change images based on options so potentially we could do something there. Will add notes to our feature request list.
  17. Just to confirm these were added last week. If anyone needs other base currencies let us know Also, for anyone reading this in India and using Stripe, we suggest that you set the default currency as INR and only allow that currency. Stripe will not let you process foreign currencies as an Indian sole trader.
  18. Tomorrow (all being well with tests currently running overnight) we're adding the following default currencies that have been requested - AUD - INR - MAD These will be added to the default currency listings. Are there any other default currencies that people would like to have an option? This is the base currency that would be set in your brand
  19. Been reminded of this, sorry. Here is the guide I wrote: https://docs.upmind.com/docs/how-to-add-a-domain-availability-checker-widget-to-your-website
  20. Definitely something we've been looking into. We've got a few more important things to sort on domains first which we are working on (like EPP polling, ccTLD fields. domain contacts) that we need to get covered first.
  21. Hi there, thanks for your message So we've got the plans of an open exchange integration planned. Once we've done that we'll push it up to the open source repo so that other integrations could be built by others too - https://github.com/upmind-automation/ The other email providers we can add to the roadmap for sure also.
  22. Sure - good idea. Will add to the request list!
  23. There's already a request for that here which is in the roadmap and will be an optional setting
  24. Little longer than planned, but all data into Localazy now and invites coming as well as invites to the private translation forum.
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