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  1. We have a concept of delegates which are on a product level So a delegate can view the service in essentially 'read only' mode. At some point we're likely to split up the concept of 'clients' and 'accounts' and basicaly we have the foundations for this already - but not imminently
  2. So Logs -> Provision Requests Log -> Unresolved This shows everything that hasn't worked. So for instance renewals that fail. If a renew later works it clears from the list We'll be extending product notifications to make tickets a type so that you can have it create tickets for things like terminations. I like the idea of having a manual todo list that things could be added to in the same way.
  3. Later today we're rolling out a big change to support flexible tax conditions and specifically GST. Because this adjusts how we've handled tax up until this point, it's a substantial change to the Upmind structure. Generally we don't notify for updates etc as we push some many times a week. However, there may be some delays in invoice generation or errors when loading historic invoices for up to 15 minutes while we make this change. We're planning to do this upgrade in the next few hours.
  4. Can you check this now? We've got a complete rewrite on this domain verification setup coming this week / next week, to stop this SSL delay.
  5. We have had it requested yes - we will reach out to them and ask for a technical contact
  6. Hi Luis Can you check you are trying to log into the admin area (not the client area)? URL would be z6wu8ktwt9ux.upmind.app/admin
  7. We have put our Payfast implementation live
  8. Ok no problem. How would you want it to work with things like transactional emails (invoice paid etc) as obviously these are not marketing emails.
  9. You can achieve this at the moment with a client custom field and then you can edit the email to link to their profile page where they can edit it
  10. You can edit the emails to add html no problem We just don't have the ability for a global header/footer yet
  11. Here you go You can ignore the customerid. It's used for other hosting products. We'll be removing that from cPanel/whm packages as we split up the blueprints shortly
  12. We built a PayU integration but the company to us seems completely opaque. We've tried contacting them to no avail. It's not clear if the PayU implementation in one country is the same as in other countries. We followed https://developers.payu.com/en/ We won't do any work on gateways unless we have a senior technical contact at the company we are integrating, as we're currently spending too long trying to work on gateways that have substandard documentation and no way of supporting us. So if there is demand for PayU Latam you will need to ask any contacts at PayU to get in touch with us
  13. You can do this the other way around -- set all the products you don't want to show as 'hide from category view'
  14. No you can just mark the service as active and then hit 'get info'. I'll create a video and demonstrate how to do it tomorrow.
  15. I don't think that's something we could do. Could you make a suggest to CloudPanel to create a very simple API for create / suspend / terminate / change package / change password?
  16. Hi Kamru I've added an issue here on the open source provision setup https://github.com/upmind-automation/provision-provider-shared-hosting/issues/5 That said, I can't find information on apis - do you know where it is? Thanks Seb
  17. Hi Hector, Thanks for your enquiry So three ways to do this: one now, one soon and one later! 1. Very soon we're putting a 'quick add' to a client profile, which lets you add an existing service and set the next due date / price etc without going through the order flow. That'll be a quick way of just adding these but you have to do it one by one (or at least customer by customer) 2. Right now, you could place an order for each customer through the admin order process, and set the basket price to 0. Then once it's in adjust the next due date. But it's a bit clunky. However as long as you have set the system to suppress 0 invoices from customers (settings -> order options) then the customer won't get any notifications or see any invoices. 3. Later we'll have an import tool that will come from CSV and also from the external providers. That will basically automatically loop 1) Thanks Seb
  18. Do you mind raising this issue as a ticket for us so we can try and recreate it as you? We can't recreate it here.
  19. We can't do this on SES as we're limited to 10k domains on SES. We are looking at other options where we can provide the emailing service and allow users to set a sender.
  20. This has been added (b1359). There is already an option to disable it for clients without active orders, but we will extend this option to disable it completely (unless enabled for a specific user) To clarify, there has to be a concept of account credit -- but we will prevent top-ups.
  21. Issue requested (f1219)
  22. We will allow this option on our paid plans (b1358).
  23. Yeah we will get there in stages. Our checkout improvements are very iterative.
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