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  1. Have created a backend issue so we can handle this (b1386)
  2. This is actually done and simply requires review and merging
  3. And also trustee service where required
  4. Issue created (b1385) We'll detect if a string is a domain and then show a whois lookup option
  5. Moving to notifications forum as yes, we will make some abilities to bulk apply product notifications. We just need to see if we do this on the frontend side or the backend side.
  6. A great list We're going through features and adding them in the order we think they are most important. But crucially we have to build things so they work for all industries as we don't want some messy domain specific (or TLD specific, or premium version of a TLD specific) code that complicates the codebase and flows. So for example the register/renew/transfer price difference won't be the concept of a three different things just for domains - it'll be a first payment promotion that transparently applies, and a product option that modifies the price. And then our challenge is to make it seem seamless from the frontend 🙂
  7. This will eventually be possible with widgets on your own site. You can now add text to the login page and images using markdown
  8. Changes like this coming iteratively 🙂
  9. Not yet. It's more complex than it seems because the app is static JS and this would need to write to a robots.txt file
  10. This can already be done by using our API but it is a 'substantial' undertaking - i.e. we have thousands of endpoints. We're taking the approach of adding flexibility to our frontend app.
  11. Rather than this, we'll have login forms that you can embed onto your website
  12. Ok so this would be basically the total cash in / or total invoiced that month vs. MRR I think when we start going through stats (relatively soon) we can come up with something where graphs can be layered on top of each other
  13. We have this (Digital Downloads) half built already. It will need a rework but is planned b374
  14. We won't be adding monitoring ourselves but will integrate with many different options We'll also create an easy way for you to create tickets from external systems, or even to integrate with that todo system we discussed in another thread But in this case it doesn't necessarily sound like it should be in Upmind
  15. Eventually we can have quite a deep functionality that's built using the provisioning system and in theory lets you build quite a deep integration using provider APIs. I don't think this is something we ourselves will build - cPanel is a tiny part of what Upmind is designed to support - but long-term we'll put the tools together so that others can build that integration themselves using the open source setup
  16. We'll think about a way of doing this that works for various industries and graphs nicely (e.g. licence usage also) b1383
  17. I'm not sure what use this actually as these days as 90% of websites have free SSLs and any decent hosting environment would automate it. However we will on the frontend have a way of intepreting that a value is ad domain name and then doing clever things like it (like screenshots, whois lookup, open it etc)
  18. Yes this is a neat idea, and could use the schema so it shows on searches. Essentially a review function and a star rating (like Amazon) Issue b1382
  19. I don't think we see the need to do this at present -- Google Tag Manager is excellent at this
  20. Moving this to the hosting integrations channel
  21. So the first issue you raised is basically that the domain needs to be trusted. It's to stop people forwarding random other emails and all the messages piping in. On email notifications, I think you should raise a ticket with us so we can check. Are they showing in the email history log?
  22. Just to confirm this is all live.
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