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  1. Just to confirm this was all done some time ago 🙂
  2. We definitely work properly with PayPal. We have a ticket where I'm trying to see where you are having problems as I can't recreate
  3. We're not having any luck creating a versio account we can use to integrate against, or getting in touch with them. If you can ask them to reach out to us ([email protected]) to get us setup then we can proceed with this.
  4. Is this Crazy domains? I think we've already got that one in the roadmap
  5. Yeah a couple of things here First, invoice consolidation. This is something planned. Will be slightly more flexible - i.e. you can have it also consolidate other things +- [X] days. Second, moving things between contracts. By default we consolidate services on the same day, but only if things are on the same contract. Our FE at the moment doesn't do much with contracts and we kind of treat each order / product as a standalone contract for ease for now.
  6. First version of this is now live 🙂 If you have TLDs added it is automatic. Also if you want to make a domain name be free with hosting you just add a promotion that auto-applies.
  7. Just to add this is now visible when paying an invoice under Pay Now - they can then see the offline payment options as well as any descriptions you have added
  8. Will merge this with the other domain contacts thread as essentially same thing -- and yes, iterative improvements coming
  9. Also - there will be a 'choose later' option soon (optional) as we've had a lot of requests to basically minimise the requests pre checkout. So someone will just be able to order a 'hosting' for instance, and then configure it after the order is complete.
  10. First part of 'sync' is in - albeit a different type You can now 'sync renewal dates' on a domain registrar
  11. This is likely due to an overdue invoice. Once those are paid it'll all come back online.
  12. I don't understand what you want to add to the stored methods? Bank transfer is not something you can store. The customer can go to an unpaid invoice and see the bank transfer payment details if they select that as a payment method But you (or the customer) can't add a 'bank transfer' method which can be automatically charged? That would only be possible through Direct Debit - which you could offer through GoCardless
  13. So that error you see is when they are going to payment methods in the client area -- they can't 'store' a bank transfer method because they have to do it manually But on the invoice itself, they can choose bank transfer ('offline' payment) which you can add text to under settings -> payment providers Adding actual text to the invoice will be coming soon as we roll out client area templates.
  14. New playlist here that runs through using Upmind for Web Hosting Will be adding more and more videos to this playlist
  15. We'll be releasing the open source framework for managing servers soon at https://github.com/upmind-automation so that integrations can be written But we'll start and write a first server provider and add all others to our development roadmap too 🙂
  16. A network error is literally a connection error - so a connection error between our servers and your local internet connection. Our systems throw a network error when it can't load some information. Every page may have a dozen API calls so if one of them doesn't connect you could get a network error. We've got quite a lot of monitoring and it hasn't picked anything up, and we haven't had other reports -- so it does point to a network blip somewhere between your computer and our servers. But we'll see if we can find any networking blips. I can see your IP from the forums so we'll run some traceroutes from our network out.
  17. Yes for Europe, with GST and really advanced multi-level VAT coming soon - definitely this month
  18. Yup - Resell.biz is now officially supported as a domain provider and we've added a generic Logicboxes provider also.
  19. Hi Kishor Indian payment gateways are in the todo list yes 🙂 And integrations also -- we've open sourced a lot so others will soon be able to write their own integrations too
  20. Hi Kishor We can help you debug - can you raise a ticket and we can help? Must be something we can help with. Thanks Seb
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